SCAD hosts successful 2017 Sand Arts Festival at Tybee’s South Beach

Video by Rummel Medina and Hunter Scully

Interview by Emilie Kefalas

The SCAD community spent Saturday, May 12 at South Beach on Tybee Island for this year’s SCAD Sand Arts Festival. Students, alumni, faculty and staff participated and even competed for each of the event’s category-specific cash prizes, the largest being $1,500.

Here are this year’s winners and runner-up’s:

Sand Relief #23 – “SCADopoly”

David Harris, Haley Nichols, Tallie DuBois, Noah Osuna


WINNER: SCAD Landmarks
Sand Castle #2 – “Pepe Hall”

Sabrina Shenkar, Ryan Hurley


WINNER: Alumni Choice
Sand Relief #28 – “Untitled”

Elise Aleman, Joseph Gai Yunhao, Yeeun Chung


WINNER: Sand Castle
#9 – “Acorn Castle”

Megan O’Laughlin, Christina Lohe, Chanda Shaw


RUNNER UP: Sand Castle
#12 – “Taj Mahal”

Edell Parker, Palaash Chaudhary


WINNER: Sand Relief
#6 – “Alexander”

Laura Hernandez, Cassie Suppes, Bryanna Ryan, David Aguilera


RUNNER UP: Sand Relief
#15 – “Surfing Sammy”

Eduardo Rojas, Moiy Thea Van, Drew Cashin, Austin Jack Geiger


WINNER: Sand Sculpture
#38 – “Zoiberg”

Madison Ellis, Samantha Greene, Julia Chamberlain, Spencer Kohl


RUNNER UP: Sand Sculpture
#5 – “Bear and Beehive”

Briana Kerns, Manuel Castro


#21 – “Bee”

Aerial Rouse, Karina Smirnova and Arianna Vallenilla.


WINNER: Sand Jam

Tejasuita Negi



Xiaowen Yang