A strange, colorful and completely unconventional experience is happening June 2. A group of artists unafraid of eccentricities will put on a multi-faceted showcase of collaborative artwork.

They are the Bad Art Collective, a SCAD club open for collaborative minds and focused on the appreciation of weird art. Sara Roma, club founder, is a senior motion media major, who decided to get together with a group of friends to experiment with art in the name of weird.

“We wanted to do art outside of the school work, art not meant to be graded but to satisfy our creativity,” Roma said. “Our work is a response to the constraints of professional design, which we will be facing once we finish college.”

Since January, these artists from different mayors have gathered together to work on a collection of experimental art with the ultimate goal of hosting a gallery show. The fruits of their crafts are ready to engage an audience with films, fashion and digital media.

“Since I started at SCAD I hoped to put together an art show and the idea has finally come in to existence,” said Roma. “I’ve been working with some of the oddest, most creative, fun people since January and I am proud to say we have a unique event for everyone to come.”

Roma expressed, “Putting on a gallery show has been very challenging, but it has been definitely rewarding. Especially since, just like me, most of the members of the club are seniors and this event is like a conclusion to our college experience.”

The Bad Art Collective, at least as it is now, might not be returning to SCAD for the fall. This is an opportunity to attend a one-of-a-kind event featuring a live music, film screenings, a fashion showcase and a display of multimedia projections.

“All our art work is weird, strange, ugly, uncomfortable, unconventional, technicolor and collaborative,” Roma said.

The Bad Art Collective’s gallery will take place June 2 on 40th and Abercorn from 6 p.m., to 9:30 p.m.