Written by Grace Flavien

Like many other students, I found myself starving late in the day and with little energy to cook something myself. Instead, I decided to try Collins Quarter.

When I walked inside the Bull Street restaurant, I was pleasantly greeted by alternative pop music. It created a positive, friendly, yet casual atmosphere and a few waiters even sang along to “Feel Good Inc.” by the Gorillaz.

One of the bartenders casually talked from behind the marble-topped bar with a customer. Near the entrance, a group of middle-aged socialites sat daintily holding their drinks and laughing. Two tables over, a couple of friends chatted quietly in between coffee sips.

Though the room was pretty empty in regards to customers, it was full of exotic, vibrant colors. Sunlight poured in through the windows and hit the speckled, marble tables. The bright orange booth seats and forest green chairs added spunk. The best way to describe the overall look of Collins Quarter is the love child of a casual hangout and a sophisticated restaurant.

On one hand, it is modern and classy with its fine wine stocked bar and conveniently placed mirrors. But then there are rustic elements; wooden floors and wall panels, tarnished metal columns, and old books used to give the guests their receipt. The design was actually influenced by Australian culture.

After staring at our menus for longer than we’d like to admit, my friend Maddie and I place our order. The kitchen was sadly closed, so Maddie ordered a green tea and I, an Australian iced coffee.

“Excellent choice,” our server Jake remarked, flashing a dazzling smile before walking away.

He, as well as all of the waiters, was very intuitivehe always seemed to know if we needed something. Needless to say, the service was fantastic! In a matter of minutes, Jake handed me a tall glass containing my creamed, caramel-colored drink with a frothy swirl of whipped cream on top.

I took my first sip.

Pure bliss.

The coffee’s bitterness was subtle at first, but it became stronger in the aftertaste. The vanilla ice cream added a sweetness that complimented the coffee well. As Maddie and I left, I couldn’t help but think: “This was just the drinks! I’m definitely coming back to try the food!”