Listen, Stingers!

I was thinking that maybe you might want to know a few things about your new columnist— even if I graduate this quarter.

I am 22, from Puerto Rico; I’ve been through five different majors at three universities, SCAD being the final one; I have never been in a proper relationship and I have no idea what I want to do after graduation.

I’m all right with not knowing and having no future plans at the moment, though. As someone that has been studying since she was 17 years old, I don’t think I should be in any hurry to start working— I might want to pay for a few things on my own but that is problem for another day.

The last five years have been tiresome, difficult and have felt excruciatingly long. I feel like I need to take a breath of fresh air before starting on a new project. Although, I do have a few options lined up. Such as a Masters degree in linguistics and cultural studies in the Netherlands, taking the LSAT this summer, going to culinary school or just traveling for a while. Regardless, the way my mind works, I have to bring myself to a standstill before I continue on.

I just feel like most times I run from things. I started off in a university that was close to my hometown, studying science because my end goal was physics, but then my mother passed away. A week later I enrolled in a journalism and advertising program at a university that was across the island. After a year and a half, I wasn’t happy with my major, but that wasn’t all; when I was about to tell the only person I’ve ever fallen for how I felt, they told me they were in a relationship. So I left once again and ended up a SCAD. I have no where to run from here except to graduation. I’m more than happy with the person I’ve become and I adore my major, yet the most traumatizing thing happening to me this time around is probably graduation.

Every time I feel like I’ve hit a brick wall my life changes directions, although I’ve had the same end goal in life. In any case, I’m most definitely not close to a brick wall — I’m still waiting for graduation to go through the door. At the moment, I don’t know where that door will lead me and it’s all right if you don’t either.

Best of luck!

Shekhinah Raine