Finals week is always a tough time for everyone, but above all spring quarter seems to be the toughest to handle, even for those that have mastered the art of time management. The main reason is that spring quarter mean the end of the school year. With homework and packing, time seems to shrink, especially the time we designate to sleep. So, what do students do to keep themselves awake and survive finals?!

If you venture to Eckburg late at night, you would find all the building arts majors finishing off their large-scale projects. Or if you dare to visit the dark halls of Monty, you know they are haunted by students in their endless programming. Whatever the major, wherever the building, there is a good group of students pulling all-nighters. But what fuels these students? co Is it coffee, energy drinks or their own determination?

According to District’s quick social media survey, most student prefer coffee and drink around 2 to 4 cups a day during working hours. In fact, we went ahead and asked the cafes around the academic halls and they all agree, that the consumption of coffee increases during finals week. Although some students would get creative with their caffeine drinks adding extra expresso shots, the number one is always a regular cup of coffee.

We also interviewed some students face to face to find out more about their secrets to overcome all-nighters. Vidihika Kahanna, a UX major, shared with us some of the tips that have helped her survive the past few quarters. “Rather than coffee, the best way to pull an all-nighter is to stay hydrated drinking cold drinks, such as milk or orange juice,” Kahanna said. Nevertheless, she highly recommends at least a 20 minute nap, essential for the body to recover and for you to continue the rest of the day.

In the end, it may be true that “Sleep Comes After Degree,” and although many students excuse themselves with this phrase, a good number of students disagree and believe there should be a balance to life and schoolwork. But, in the long journey to master the art of time management, there will be a couple of all-nighters here and there.

So, follow your dreams. And keep sleeping.