As the academic year draws to a close and everyone begins to move out of their respective homes, many students are left wondering where they’ll live next. There is an ongoing debate as to whether it is cheaper or more expensive to live on or off campus, with most students deciding that it is cheaper to live off campus. The catch is that students who decide to move off campus lost a percentage of their scholarships. However, this is particular to each student, and everyone’s circumstances are different. Some will still find that moving off saves them money after the deduction in scholarships, while others won’t. If you can’t afford to live off campus, on campus residence halls are still a great option for housing.

After escaping the Hive freshman year, the upperclassman residences are scattered across Savannah. Students who have a smaller budget can live at O-House, conveniently close to downtown and next to a large bus stop. In the same area, you have Boundary Village. On the upper end of budgets, Boundary is an apartment-style residence conveniently close to Turner and the Hive. This option is best for students who want to have more mature living accommodations. Barnard Village is the same style as Boundary and the same price, located on the opposite end of town near Montgomery Hall. Montgomery Hall has its own residence hall as well and is the prime location for animation and visual effects students.

The choices off-campus aren’t so easy, however. Students have to be wary of the parts of town they live in. Broughton, Oglethorpe and Liberty are nice streets, but they come at a much higher rent. Places from Bay to Anderson are generally regarded as safe and cheap places for students to live, offering quiet neighborhoods and nice apartments.

One West Victory is a decently priced alternative for students who want a ready to move in and fully furnished apartment, complete with security and a parking garage. The Hue is very similar, right off the river and very close to Adler and Hamilton halls. The rent here is a little higher, but the fully furnished private rooms and pool are worth it. Forsyth park offers some beautiful homes at decent prices, but crime at night is sometimes an issue for students who walk or run outside.

Overall, there are very good options for students both wanting to stay on campus and those who wish to live off campus. Talk to your academic advisor to discuss your finances and look around Savannah to find what is safest, closest and most affordable for you.