From a sophomore student looking back at his freshman year at SCAD comes Fresh Advice, the run down on all of the SCAD programs, operations and secret tricks you need to know to make a smooth transition to SCAD life.

SCAD Cash is linked to you SCAD ID and can be used at some off-campus locations. SCAD Cash is not the same as dining dollars, but they do overlap in some circumstances.

SCAD Cash can be used at various retail and food locations around Savannah and Atlanta. SCAD Cash acts like a debit card and can be a good way for parents to send their student money. By logging in through MySCAD and agreeing to the SCAD Card and SCAD Cash Agreement under the My Info tab you will be able to receive money. Anyone can deposit money by following this link.

SCAD Cash can also be used as a form of payment, other than quarters, to pay for laundry. On the 25 cent wash weekends, SCAD Cash is the only way to receive the discount.

Dining dollars are also applied to your SCAD card, via your chosen meal plan. They can be used to buy food and drinks from convenience stores and coffee shops around campus and be used to pay for meals instead of a meal swipe.

Dining dollars can only be used on campus at:

  • Artisian Deli at Turner House
  • beeFUEL to be opened at the Hive Gym
  • Bobbie’s Diner near Anderson Hall
  • Buzzbites food truck
  • Byte Café at Montgomery Hall
  • C Store at Turner House
  • Café at the Hive
  • Carnival at Montgomery Hall
  • J.O.’s Ration at Oglethorpe House
  • Studio at the Hive
  • Turner Coffee Café

Dining dollars come with every meal plan, including commuter meal plans. Dining dollars expire at the end of spring and summer quarters for that academic year.

Written by Hunter Scully.