Update: SCAD has recently updated their emergency preparedness plan with further information regarding Hurricane Irma’s path, including a helpful FAQ section for the current plan. The information can be found at this link.

SCAD has postponed the start of Fall Quarter at the Savannah, Atlanta and E-learning campuses until September 18 due to the currently threatening path of Hurricane Irma. New students will not be allowed to move in to their residence halls until September 14, and returning students September 16, other than students who are already pre-approved to arrive before 5 p.m. tomorrow, September 6.

Currently, this change will not delay the end of the quarter.

Hurricane Irma is currently a category 5 storm in the Caribbean.  As of 2 p.m. Tuesday, September 5, the storm has sustained winds of 185 mph.

WTOC Meteorologist John Wetherbee emphasized that the trajectory of the storm is still unpredictable. “It’s so undecided at this point,” Wetherbee said.

“Will it impact us in Savannah? We don’t know. Will it impact Savannah as a hurricane? We don’t know. Will it impact Savannah as a tropical storm? Probably not.” Wetherbee advised students to check the National Weather Service website and follow WTOC Meteorologist Jamie Ertle on social media for accurate storm updates.

For more information about SCAD’s evacuation plan visit: https://www.scad.edu/life/safety-and-security/emergency-preparedness/hurricanes.

WTOC-Savannah’s hurricane center is actively tracking the hurricane, and updated information can be found at this link.

There is no news of evacuation at this time, but SCAD reminds you to continue to check your email, cellphone, Twitter and scad.edu for updates to university operations.

Written by Shelby Loebker.