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Starlandia works to help Savannah artistic community


Savannah’s Starland District, named for the neighborhood’s old Starland Dairy building, is known for its eccentricity and vibrancy. Starlandia Reclaimed Creative Supply (known simply as Starlandia), located at 2438 Bull Street, not only matches the distinct feel of the neighborhood but also works to help Savannah locals embrace and create art.

According to owner and Founder of Starlandia Supply Clinton Edminster, Starlandia sells new and reclaimed art supplies. Edminster said the business’s mission is to increase engagement with the arts in Savannah.

Edminster grew up in Homer, Alaska, where he worked with his father on a commercial fishing boat. It was there Edminster learned the value of resourcefulness, a lesson he said stuck with him when he moved to Savannah.

“Working on a boat, you quickly learn the value of resourcefulness,” Edminster said. “Things can be used and reused many times, and not always for what they were designed for. I later came to Savannah to study computer animation and painting at SCAD and was shocked by the price of art supplies and double shocked by how little I was required to use. About two years ago the idea hit me one day that there could be a store that supported a marketplace for trading and selling new and used art supplies. And here we are.”

One barrier Edminster said he’s seen is that some art supplies and materials are too expensive for most people to afford. Starlandia’s trade-in business model allows Edminster to lower supply prices up to 80% from what they typically sell. Edminster said he and his team also work hard to properly organize their supplies in order for people to find materials with ease.

“For SCAD students, Starlandia is an extremely effective place to find your core supplies, your unique materials, and also just random creative materials,” Edminster said. “With our trade-in program you can bring your unused materials and we’ll identify, process, and price these. You walk away with in-store credit that you can use yourself or transfer to one of the many community arts organizations we work with.”

Edminster wants new students and Savannah residents to know that Starlandia wants to help them find appropriate art supplies they may need. If the store does not have something someone needs, Edminster said they will order the product for the customer.

“Don’t throw out your old or unused art supplies,” Edminster said. “Somebody could use them! Bring them here for trade-ins.”

Students can follow Starlandia on social media (Facebook and Instagram) for more information concerning inventory and prices.

Written by Emilie Kefalas.

Photographed by Jonathan Vasata.


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