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Tied and Tasseled Fetish Cabaret hosts gothic fetish night at Club One


Last Thursday, September 21, Tied and Tasseled Fetish Cabaret hosted their Goth Fetish night at Club One. Tied and Tasseled, advertised on their website as a Savannah-based burlesque troupe and cabaret, is owned by senior photography student, Hannah Bo.

Bo, also the producer at Tied and Tasseled, co-founded the cabaret three years ago with her business partner Lila Klinck. Both Bo and Klinck have performer names, Bo Blush and Ginger Von Bleu.

Bo, originally from Waycross, Georgia, said her interest in photography began when she was 11 years-old.

“Tied and Tasseled has influenced my work very much so,” Bo said. “Since I have been involved in the fetish community, I have incorporated that style in my work.”

According to Bo, Tied and Tasseled was created out of the idea to introduce the public to “the world of kink.”

“We want to show people that fetish is not only BDSM, but much much more,” Bo said. “We also incorporate the elements of burlesque and theatre, creating a unique style.”

Bo and her cabaret troupe perform monthly at Club One with the exception of November and December. Students can learn more about Tied and Tasseled by visiting their website and following their social media.

Photographed by Jonathan Vasata.


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