Every quarter, the Trustees theater showcases popular movies for SCAD students sponsored by the SCAD Cinema Circle. The SCAD Cinema Circle was started in 2008 to offer students and the community the opportunity to see classic and culturally important films while also including a post-show discussion. The theater shows about 13 films a year, with two to three per quarter and four to six during the summer.

The films are shown in themes, with some lasting a quarter and others lasting years. Previous themes have been “Dynamic Duos,” “Significant Directors,” and “Great Chases.” Themes are chosen based off of the popularity of certain films or whether a famous actor or director has passed. All themes and films must allow for an educational discussion or element, however, forcing the theater to dance between what is culturally relevant and what is popular.

This season kicked off with the “Iron Giant” on September 22, riding on the back of the anime film screening success in the spring. The upcoming screening of “The Right Stuff” pays tribute to the recent passing of Sam Shepard, building the “New Frontier – films about the Cold War” theme. To complete it, Stanley Kubrick’s Dr. “Strangelove” or “How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb” will be shown on November 9.

Following “Strangelove” in the winter, the Cinema Circle has chosen the appropriate theme “strange love.” They hope to show “Edward Scissor Hands”, “Harold and Maude,” and “Let the Right One In.” During the spring quarter, they hope to showcase animation in April with “Spirited Away.” While most of the students are away during the summer, SCAD will showcase the “Zombie Days of Summer” to tribute the late George Romero. Movies including “Dawn of the Dead,” “Shawn of the Dead,” and “Zombieland.” When talking about the academic merit of these films, Sheila Bola, programming director of the Savannah Film Festival, says “With the help of SCAD Film and Sound professors like David Stone, Chris Auer, Michael Chaney, or local SCAD alumi, and film guru Jim Reed, the discussion of the significance of the Zombie horror genre can go quite deep.”

Be sure to check out the Trustees Theater for more specific show times and ticket information. While movie rights are continuously being lost and acquired, and no permanent list is available, check out tickets.savannahboxoffice.com for an up to date line up.

Written by Seth Wilkins.