As artists, promoting our work is a touchy subject; we need to in order to make money and connections, but to do so excessively appears arrogant. Faced with these assumptions, some students hesitate to show their work at all. One SCAD Student Media blog, however, wants to build a community of artists to help students grow more confident at every stage in their career. This blog is HoneyDripper.

Honeydripper is a comics showcase blog, run by Editor-in-Chief Jules Premus and Assistant Editor Marquis Draper, displaying artwork from both current SCAD students and SCAD alumni. Though their main focus is sequential art, they also encourage illustration submissions.

“All the work we publish at HoneyDripper strikes me,” Premus said, “but if their work isn’t quite there yet, we’re happy to work with artists.” And that isn’t the extent of the team’s work; sometimes, they help pair a writer whose art needs work with an artist whose storytelling is not yet up to standard. What they want most of all is to promote artists who may be too shy to promote themselves, giving them confidence and a community to shine.

In the future, Premus wants to see HoneyDripper expand in several ways. First, she wants to have physical meetings (some in collaboration with the Sequential Art Society, which meets 2-3 at Haymans Hall on Sundays), where artists can come together, eat pizza and share what they’ve been working on. Second, they want to do a spotlight feature on exceptional talent, so that the artist can be recognized for what he or she does.

The final plan for HoneyDripper’s near future is something Premus calls, “Hivemind.” Hivemind is a series of tutorials for artists, on everything from flora to hands (as well as their lesser known enemy, feet) to coloring and inking techniques. This, Premus believes, would be a valuable resource for the community.

In order to submit your own completed (inked or colored) work for consideration, visit and click on the submissions tab to view the requirements. Files must be 300 dpi jpegs, named firstnamelastname_filename and follow the other specifications on the site.

Especially with Inktober beginning this week, this is the perfect opportunity for sequential and illustration artists to grow their resumes and amplify their opportunities. Check out HoneyDripper today, follow them on social media and maybe even submit some artwork.

Written by Sydnee Brashears.