We’re coming up on the fourth — or maybe fifth, depending on SCAD’s hurricane calendar — week of fall quarter. The glow of living without adult supervision is fading, the Hive food has settled into mediocrity and when you take a minute, you realize: you really, really miss your pets. Back in high school, no matter what your grade was, you walked in and took comfort in their presence, their fur or scales or the soft bubble of the filter. Here, lonely kids, is what to do when you’re missing the unconditional love of your pets.

1. Hang out with other pets

There are places across the city where you can go and hang out with animals, with varying degrees of interactivity. The first, for you cat-lovers, is the Purrvana Cat Cafe, on the corner of W. Anderson and Barnard St. For $9 per hour, the cafe lets you interact with a gaggle of felines, with tea and coffee sold separately. The second place is Forsyth Park. If you need to see some dogs, this is the place. Just be sure to ask first if you want to pet one, as pets and their owners don’t always appreciate the attention. Finally, SCAD policy does allow fish that fall under certain guidelines. Don’t do this, however, if you’re taking a plane home; trying to get a fish on a plane is a ridiculous experience.

2. Acquire some mementos

Ask your parents to send you pictures of how your pets are doing at home. Hearing that they’re doing well can be quite comforting, and you might get a funny story out of it. I recently found out my dad composed a morning wake-up song to my hermit crabs, who are nocturnal. Stuffed animals also help out, and they’re more common than you’d think, especially the big ones that double as pillows. Planet Fun, near the library, sells some if you need something soft. .

3. Distract yourself

If you’re feeling lonely, one of the best ways to deal with it is through clubs. There’s a club for literally everything, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find something you’re interested in, or you could even make a club yourself. Talking to others about pets can also distract and is an easy small talk topic.

When you find yourself alone, there’s a miraculous invention called the internet, that has every pet imaginable being adorable and just existing on camera. While hermit crab videos are lacking (get on that, people!), there are a thousand funny compilation videos that will keep you company, until you realize it’s 4 a.m. and you have class in the morning.

If you’ve got a method for keeping your pet loneliness locked behind a firewall where it belongs, please let us know. At least you’re only five weeks away from that glorious, fluffy reunion.

Written by Sydnee Brashears.