Special Events Coordinator, Kaila Knight and the Student Activities Council (SAC) are preparing for SCAD’s annual Masquerade Ball, held at the SCAD Museum of Art Courtyard on Saturday, Oct. 14 starting at 8 p.m. and lasting to 12 a.m.

Knight gave District a Q-and-A preview on this year’s event so students can arrive ready.

Jennie: What can students expect at the masquerade ball?

Kaila: Every year we are visited by hundreds of students dressed in their best wackiest costumes. Students who attend our annual masquerade ball are always pleased with the music selection provided by SCAD Radio and hours of lively dancing. There is a good balance between performances, dance and activities at the SAC masquerade.

J: What are some of the activities students can look forward to at this event?

K: Clubs who decide to collaborate with us set up a special activity and booth off in the ruins at the SCAD Museum of Art Courtyard. Since some student organizations work on it the month that the masquerade ball takes place they can not advertise for it just yet! So all I can say for now is that it’s a surprise, however, look forward to a variety of activities.

J: Since this is an annual event, what is it about the masquerade ball this year that will be different from the years prior?

K: Having a different theme every year really sets the past masquerade balls apart from each other. Every year we hear great responses from our carefully selected themes. It is usually during our general members’ meetings that the students play an important role in helping to select a new theme. They share suggestions among themselves and the SAC. Then, we chisel the results down and pick the best one. We are also revising the way we approach the costume contest. So we are really looking forward to students participating and showing off their best wacky wear.

J: Where can students learn more about the event?

K: Definitely at our SAC facebook page. Not only do we update our posts daily, we also respond to student messages swiftly. Our other social media accounts including Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter can be found using the handle @SCADSAC.

J: Are there volunteering opportunities for this event and if so how/where can students sign up?

K: They can sign up by sending us an email saying they are interested in volunteering. Our email is activity@scad.edu

J: What are some of the benefits of volunteering for the Student Activities Council?

K: Besides it being extremely fun you are helping to make one of our biggest events a success. Working behind the scenes of the masquerade ball will give you great examples of teamwork and multiple majors coming together to display their skills and best efforts to a project.

Written by Jennie Rivera.