From Mrs. Wilkes to Paula Deen, Savannah is full of delicious, Southern food, but pralines and batter fried chicken around every corner can also present a lot of problems for those with allergies or other dietary restrictions.

The Public Kitchen and Bar

Considered the “go-to” for those with allergies, The Public has been acclaimed for their service across the board. From their understanding staff and manager to their tasty accommodating, dishes, The Public is one stop none should miss.

Flying Monk Noodle Bar

A trendy spot for students looking for some noodles, Flying Monk provides some gluten free noodles and meal options. And, all of their noodle dishes can be made with tofu, making them a great vegetarian option, too. They do make heavy use of peanut sauces, but their full menu is online, for anyone who wants to double check the ingredients before heading out for some must have noodles.

Natural Selections Cafe

Natural Selections offers 100% vegan cuisine, perfect for lunch or a mid-morning coffee break. They have plenty of meat and dairy alternatives, still at a very reasonable price.

Belford’s Savannah Seafood and Steaks

While falling into a pricier range, Belford’s is well known for their excellent staff and allergy accommodating dishes. Of course, you should definitely save up before going, most dishes at Belford’s range from about $17-$30.

The Lady and Sons

Paula Dean’s famous southern restaurant, The Lady and Sons has surpassed its own legacy as a dining facility and become more of an experience. Luckily, with a special, allergy-free menu and ingredient list, everyone should be able to try this experience without fear. Of course, as with most of Savannah, a majority of the fried food is made in peanut oil.

The Sentient Bean

Another vegetarian option on our list, Sentient Bean is a hot spot for SCAD students and Savannah residents alike. Sentient Bean is an organic, fair-trade coffee shop, offering breakfast all day long and a lunch and dinner menu available from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. with plenty of vegetarian and vegan option. It also features weekly and monthly events, such as “Open Mic Tongue: Music” on Thursdays. So, for those wanting to grab a bite while listening to some snappy fingers and poetry, this is the place for you.

Anyone with serious allergies or dietary restrictions can also check out the “AllergyEats” app for selections wherever they are. Nothing should stop you from enjoying all of the tastes Savannah has to offer!

Written by Patrick Guilford.