Filmed and edited by Tyler Rispoli and Nick Thomsen 

Written by Jordan Petteys 

For two years, co-wners of Wicked South Productions, Tom McCormick and Emeka Nwokeji, evolved a passion for Halloween into a seasonally operational business. Their team of 20 haunters work all year long to create an authentic and uniquely themed haunted house.
“Building it room by room, de-stressing, burning, making it old and moldy looking, going to repost stores and going to yard sales and finding things people don’t want, [Tom] has a vision,” Nwokeji said.

Lot 13, inspired by October 13 landing on Friday the Thirteenth, holds nearly 500 careful details contributing to one narrative story.

“I love shopping for Halloween stuff and I love the Spirit Store. We go to the Trans World Convention every year, but the best stuff I find is what I get out and about,” McCormick said. “I really like garage and estates sales, I’m usually the guy who gets stuff before they are about to throw it into the dumpster.”

The blueprint for the following year’s house begins late November with sketches, round-table discussions and theme establishment.

“I take a lot of pride in this setup,” McCormick said. Working from a warehouse open year round, the co-owners aim to create a “scary, wicked and haunting,” experience for the community.

Wicked South Productions, located at 611 W Jones St will be haunting the community every Friday and Saturday in October, with extended hours the week of Halloween. Lot 13 will be open at 7:30 p.m., and the last ticket will be sold at 11 p.m. The house grants a 15% discount off the marketed $15 ticket price for SCAD students who obtain a code online or present a student ID at the door. For more information, visit Wicked South’s website.

 “We looking forward to haunting you,” Nwokeji said.