Downtown in the historic district, Savannah Pulp hosted the first Savannah Zine Fest on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Tucked away in a corner of Bay Street, the event attracted a steady flow of intrigued fans and artists alike. Even though there was only a modest number of vendors, the assortment of interests and mediums present were just as eclectic as the artists themselves. The event offered ‘ziners the opportunity to promote themselves and gave established businesses a chance to display the work that they accumulate over time.

The brief profiles below give a glimpse of the diversity present at the Zine Fest, and in the Savannah art scene as a whole.


Meg has Issues – Hell Mouse Studio

Mary E. Golding (Meg) has been drawing for ten years and attends 1-6 events a month to promote her zines. She is a SCAD alumna who uses mixed media art in her work and has always had an interest in underground comics, self-publishing and independent publishing. Golding now owns her own company called Hell Mouse Studio, and works out of her home as an on-call artist assistant, when she isn’t working on her comics. She is a mental health advocate who hopes to inspire conversations about mental health issues through her work.



Jason GVVL, the founder of GVVL Graphics has been drawing his whole life and making ‘zines for fifteen years. The leftist punk movement was exclusively accessible through ‘zines, and that is how GVVL discovered his interest for them.


“My inspiration for my work is honesty and beauty,” GVVL said. He also pulls on his childhood fascination with the paranormal to create his ghoulish artwork, so it’s no surprise he is a big fan of horror VHS ‘zines. He also makes underground graphics and is featured in skate board shops and a surfboard shop called Surf Cult. As GVVL continues to make ‘zines he hopes to keep making things that inspire not only him but others as well.


AINT-BAD is a photography company with a focus on the printed object. Founded in 2011 by four SCAD alumni who had an interest in photography, the imprint now creates and releases photo based books. The business now has employees all over the United States who work to add a diverse mix of photography from different regions, as well as attend promotional events.

AINT-BAD is a submission based company where you can submit photos to their website or submit to their call for entry when they are making a photo magazine.  They stand as a platform where contemporary photographers can promote other photographers. They have rolling submissions for their website and provide a great opportunity for emerging photographers to get their work out so people can see.

David SeckingerDavid-seckinger-2017-savannah-zine-fest

David Seckinger is an independent writer who recently joined the ‘zines scene. He started writing when he was 26 and worked in different writing fields and became a seasoned newspaper journalist, now turned ‘ziner.

“I believe writing is my calling, and what I was born to do,” said Seckinger. For him, writing comes in many different genres and he refuses to identify a singular interest of writing, but hopes to achieve literary immortality through his work. He was first introduced to ‘zines in the Starlandia art store on Bull Street, and realized how simple it could be to make them himself. He started only last year, and now makes one ‘zine a month.

The Savannah Zine festival gave local artists like these an opportunity to showcase their work and to spread the word about ‘zines all around Savannah.