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CAS offers tools to students for career fair and beyond


Career Adviser Yasmin Halta and members of the Career and Alumni Success (CAS) team share important dates students should note when preparing for SCAD’s annual career fair in February. These workshops involve the most efficient and practical steps needed for students to successfully prepare for career fair 2018.

Halta gave District a Q & A preview on the upcoming events organized by the CAS team to help students feel prepared.

Jennie: Why is it important for students to attend CAS workshops and bootcamps?

Yasmin: Navigating career fair requires a multifaceted strategy based on research, communication and artistic abilities. CAS hopes to highlight best practices to students in preparation for interacting with employers at career fair and beyond.

J: What can students expect for this second session of CAS’ bootcamp?

Y: Unique interactions with peers and advisers that will help students shape the story of who they are, what their passions are, and why that matters to an employer. It’s about framing a persuasive narrative about yourself with the message being, “I’m professional and I’m the right person for your company.”

J: How will these bootcamp sessions make students ready for the career fair?

Y: Time management. Year after year students’ biggest point of contention is that the employer they wanted to meet with most had too long of a line. Students rush in to be first in the morning, but plan very little for the rest of the day.

Managing expectations. Many students think an interview is the goal of career fair. That would be fantastic, but students should be focused on developing contacts with whom they can then follow up.

J: Who should attend this event and why?

Y: Juniors, seniors and graduate students since they are in the best position to showcase their skills and talents to employers. Freshman and sophomore students looking to get a leg up for future career fairs or desire advice prior to Career Fair assistant interviews are welcome, as well. International students should definitely attend to practice their pitches and develop confidence in their communication skills.

J: Where can students learn more about CAS events like workshops and bootcamp?

Y: Always on the SCAD Job Portal. They just have to go to MYSCAD > Student Workspace tab > Careers Channel > click on the job portal and explore.

Registered employer lists for career fair will be regularly updated there. Background and links to employer websites will be on the job portal as are resources for further career preparation. To register for the next Boot Camp, and eventually the upcoming “How to Prepare For Career Fair” presentation and Mock Career Fair for Winter quarter, students go to Events > Workshops > search “Boot Camp” and sign up.

Written by Jennie Rivera.

Jennie Rivera

Jennie Rivera is a transfer writing student from New York City. She is in charge of assisting the Chief Copy Editor. When she is not advising writers and ensuring manuscripts are up to AP style practices, she is enjoying the quiet ambiance of Savannah's art galleries and searching for more stories to write.


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