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SCAD ResLife to host first health expo event


The month of January is synonymous with resolutions, especially the cliché of promising to adopt a healthy lifestyle in the new year. SCAD Savannah’s newest wellness and fitness facility, SCADfit, aims to honor that mission by hosting a health expo, BEE You, today, Jan. 12 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. at SCADfit in the Hive area.  

According to Sabrina Shankar, the Departmental Community Assistant in the SCAD Residence Life and Housing Department, the SCAD fitness department puts on multiple events each quarter. Shankar said BEE You marks the first event of its kind and will offer a variety of activities and stations including demo fitness classes including Zumba, ballet, hip-hop and spin. Exercise equipment tours will also be given as well as BeeFUEL smoothie samples.

“With my ResLife position, I strive to create programs that will not only enhance the students’ college experience but also improve their overall well-being,” Shankar said. “Since I, myself, am very passionate about health and fitness as well as designing events, it only seemed natural to collaborate with SCADfit and design this event.”

Shankar also said the SCAD fitness staff will be teaching students how to properly use fitness applications as well as signing students up for the upcoming BEE Fit challenge and intramural sports. She hopes the event will show students how to maintain a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, physical education and mental health while they also balance their college education.

The event’s timing is not only ideal because of New Year resolutions; SCAD’s fitness team and Shankar aim to encourage students to maintain a positive and healthy lifestyle throughout the entire year. To continue the effort, SCADfit and ClubSCAD will both be hosting a series of health and wellness activities throughout the year.

“This quarter, they have the BEE Fit program where students can learn various gym exercises and healthy eating habits while competing against others in a weight loss challenge,” Shankar said. “Next quarter will feature the Decathlon where students compete in 10 different exercises. Through both quarters there are a variety of intramural programs students can participate in, as well as additional fitness challenges.”

Through her ResLife role, Shankar said she wants to create large-scale events that are catered towards a specific student audience with a target goal in mind. Shankar said she reached out to a variety of SCAD resources when she was conceptualizing the idea of BEE You. She credits the assistance of the ResLife department, SCADfit, Bon Appetit, SCAD Radio, Counseling and Student Success and Advising to the success of the event’s organization.

“January is a great start but that doesn’t mean it has to be the finish,” Shankar said. “If you didn’t start in January, that is completely okay. Although sometimes the hardest part of the process is starting, once you begin, living a healthy lifestyle is truly rewarding. If you find the gym intimidating, are nervous asking about how to use a machine, are not sure what type of workout class you want to try or even just not sure how to start eating healthy, than BEE You is the perfect starting point.”

Written by Emilie Kefalas.


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