Last quarter, SCAD became the first university to use the Uber Central dispatch platform to supplement the university’s SafeRide program. Charles Hall, Director of Transportation and Parking Management at both the Savannah and Atlanta SCAD campuses, said the idea of using Uber to supplement the Safe Ride program was the brain trust of SCAD’s Chief Operating Officer, Glenn Wallace.

“Mr. Wallace’s visionary thought created an innovative partnership between SCAD and Uber where an Uber platform was developed and constructed for SCAD,” Hall said. “The program’s design is to reduce wait times for Safe Rides during peak times, while creating other potential transportation solutions.”

According to Hall, Uber is integrated into the SafeRide equation when it appears that wait times will eclipse 30 minutes. Students requesting SafeRides should continue to do so through their Live Safe app or by calling 912.525.4500.

“SCAD Operations Specialists will then make the determination when an Uber will be dispatched,” Hall said. “In the event an Uber is determined to be used, the requesting student will be made aware.”

Hall said SCAD pays for all SCAD-dispatched Uber rides and students using the Uber app will be charged from their personal accounts.

“In addition to reducing wait times, Uber also aids in creating transportation options for transporting students to and from designated locations,” Hall said.

SafeRide is supported by the SCAD Department of University Safety and available to both SCAD Atlanta and SCAD Savannah students. The app ensures students have a way to get home safely from open SCAD buildings to off-campus residences within three miles of campus. Since the app launched, SafeRide has operated nightly from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Written by Emilie Kefalas.