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Glitter Chariot bring sparkling alter egos to de:FINE ART


Last Wednesday, over by the Gutstein Gallery, SCAD de:FINE ART hosted an opening reception to “Alter Ego,” with sparkling cider and cotton candy.

That seems whacky enough, but nothing could prepare attendees for the bizarre performance that was “Glitter Chariot.” Originally the dream project of L.A. based artist, Ryan Berg, “Glitter Chariot” has expanded through the United States and since resided in areas such as New York, Atlanta, Gainesville, Tallahassee and finally Savannah. A collective of seven, including two SCAD foundations professors, “Glitter Chariot” performed alongside the reception of the new exhibition.

Starting fifteen years ago, Chuck describes their early outfits as, “David Bowie, Ramones, Now York Dolls, kind of shows. Just, glam rock and then we started moving to the gallery and museums and building stages that were more like sculptures.”

“Glitter Chariot” can usually be seen playing in elaborate costumes, either relating to pop culture and nostalgia, inner feelings or their function within the performance and group. “We’re kind of a band that plays songs but we really love making these costumes…and singing really sad songs about heart break and relationships.”

Though, later does Chuck bring a much more nuanced approach to their methods. “You see this visual kind of mish-mash of all this stuff but then we’re singing these songs about heart break and relationships…You’re completely drawn into a place that you don’t like to be which is awkward, and I think that it’s how relationships are.”

Though while Ryan Berg may still be in L.A., they still “work with him” and “talk to him about the process.” On his feelings about de:FINE ART, Chuck responded, “I’m just excited to be part of de:FINE ART cause I know it’s a big thing here in Savannah so that’s to me, that’s one of coolest things to be invited to it.”

By Patrick Guilford. 

Photographed by Jonathan Vasata.