Through the end of the year, the SCAD Museum of Art will host two exhibitions from Tom Burr: “Sedimental” and “No Access.”

Sedimental includes works from all the way back in 1994 and was described by Tom Burr as “something of a survey exhibition.” The artist said, “not one work per say, but seven different works.”

In contrast to this is “No Access,” an installation exhibit that first started in Cologne, Germany. “No Access” is built on “the idea of the screen; whether that be the screen of a building, a partision, a screen of a film screen or an iPhone, etc.” Burr explained that the idea was to, “architecturalize this idea of the…Claude Glass which was this device in the 18th, into the 19th, century…this sort of black object that…framed the landscape behind them (European landscape painters) to sketch it and to also throw it into contrast.”

Burr attended SCAD’s de:FINE ART last week, he said “My relationship to SCAD is entirely through Humberto Moro, who is the curator for both of these two projects. Humberto and I first met when he was a student at Bard CCS the Curatorial Study College in upstate New York and they have the archives of Colin and American Fine Artists, which is a gallery in which I used to work with, so a lot of my earlier work is archived there. So those students, Humberto among them, studied my work.” Humberto Moro is currently the associate curator at SCAD, and brought Burr’s work in to de:FINE ART and the MOA.

Finally, when talking about advice for young artists, Burr expressed a need for artists to have an “extraordinary sense in what you do.”

“I think the forces right now are, in terms of market structure, are incredibly brutal and I think it is hard to find or make space for the experimentation within one’s own practice,” Burr said. “But I think that the most important tool to have is unwavering commitment to what you do and what you say”

By Patrick Guilford.