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A&E Reviews SCAD

BSA showcases excellence with ‘The Get Down’


By Stephanie Avery.

On Saturday, March 3, the SCAD Black Student Association (BSA) held their annual Lights Camera Excellence event at the Lucas Theatre in honor of black history month.

The variety show was organized by SCAD students and gave students both in SCAD and other local universities a chance to showcase their talent. The theme this year was “The Get Down: An Evolution of Music and Dance.” Kori Carter, BSA member and one of the show’s creative directors, explained, “This is different from show in the past because, we broke it down into eras highlighting certain things in different time periods.”

With performances ranging from one genre to the next, the event encompassed a full range spectrum of different skills. There were thought-provoking spoken word performances discussing everything from Malcolm X and Martin Luther King to a reflection on the mouth. There was a step routine by the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity from Savannah Sate University, and musical performances by a variety of artists such as Eli LIMaj and J Authur Grubbs, as well as a duet by students and American Idol alums George Lovett and Wayne Wilson.

There was an interpretive dance routine, and a fashion show featuring the line of work by SCAD students Chelsea Bilingsley and Dyani Anderson. There was a performance by the Konfidential dance team and a battle of the DJs.

There was an educational aspect to the performance as well. “It is important to us as a club to always include historical references because our main goal is to educate others about the black culture,” said Carter.

Throughout the showcase, the audience was shown historical video recordings or presentations of black history in America. It provided some insight into how and why different experiences played a part in how African Americans expressed themselves through art. There was also an educational skit that highlighted some essential black talent throughout the years.

The closing of the show was a beautiful tribute to the advancements of African Americans showing the pride that is taken in all of these accomplishments, showing that through hard work and perseverance anything is possible, and no boundary is too high.


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