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Experience a day of Uber Eats


Uber Eats has officially launched in Savannah. There are many restaurants that partnered with the food delivery service, offering a type of food for whatever you’re craving. All you have to do is download the app, pick a restaurant and click order. There is a $5 booking fee and then you’re paired with a driver.

Here’s a District-curated list of restaurants for your day.

You wake up to a rainy Savannah day and you want breakfast. UberEats offers many choices, and you narrow your options down to Our Daily Bread or the Funky Brunch. It’s a tough decision, but you make it anyway.

After breakfast you decide to get some homework done and you’re so productive that you’ve worked right until lunch time! You click back onto Uber Eats because the weather hasn’t let up. You decide between pasta from FraLi Gourmet, BBQ from Sandfly BBQ or a build-it-yourself burger from B&D Burgers. You click order and the driver is on his way.

You stop working and start watching TV to pass the time until dinner with your friends. They all come over to your room and start throwing out suggestions on what to eat. You appreciated your Uber Eats experience so much that you tell your friends you either want Your Pie, McDonough’s or David’s Crab House. Everyone agrees on one and you open the green app.

After dinner has been eaten, everyone leaves. You put on a movie and have a sudden craving for dessert. The rain is pounding even harder and you don’t want to go outside. You open up the Uber Eats app for one last meal. The final decision. Ben and Jerry’s or Ms. Polly Giant Cakes. You press order. Your cravings are satisfied.

By Georgia Micheals.

Georgia Micheals

Georgia Micheals is the Media Content Producer of District. She is a junior Film and Television major who will graduate in 2020.


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