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Fresh Advice: SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival


Put down the laptop and head to Forsyth Park on Saturday, April 28 for 37th annual SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival. At Sidewalk Arts students create colorful chalk masterpieces on the miles of sidewalk throughout Forsyth Park.

To register, log in to MySCAD, visit the Resources tab and search for “Sidewalk Arts Square Registration” in the Student Forms channel. Spots go quickly, but if registration is full you can also attempt to get an square the day of the event, if participants do not check in to claim their square.

There are numerous cash prizes, ranging in up to $2,500. More awards information can be found here.

Be prepared for a long day in the sun; bring sunscreen, drinking water, lunch and a towel or other cushion to kneel on. And, of course, all of your chalk supplies, like water, cheap paint brushes and a rag to wipe off dust. Chalk is supplies by SCAD on the day of the event.

To be eligible for the contest, participants must follow the guidelines, which require that artists use the chalk supplied at the event, draw only on the sidewalk and in their square and refrain from using spray fixatives. The primary design of the square should be composed of chalk, though any squares incorporating three-dimensional elements must not exceed the area of the square or two feet in height and they also must be removed by the end of the competition at 5:00 p.m. Any nudity, profanity or other content deemed inappropriate by festival officials will be removed and disqualified.

There will be no additional buses for the event, however the nearest SCAD bus stop at Eckburg Hall is on the Green, Yellow and Orange bus routes. Other close SCAD bus stops and buildings include Arnold Hall, Haymans Hall, Pepe Hall, Habersham Street Kroger and Anderson Hall.

Have fun and be sure to visit the District squares!

By Hunter Scully.


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