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Fresh Advice: SCAD Sand Arts Festival


Grab your beach towel and a shovel, it’s time for the annual SCAD Sand Arts Festival! Students can join the competition May 11, 2018. Before making your way to beach, register for Sand Arts by logging into MySCAD. Click on the resources tab and search under the Student Forms Tab for the “Sand Arts Festival Registration Form”. Registering is easy, here’s a description of the categories you can enter:

Sand Categories

  • Sand Castle – sculpt large-scale works resembling castle architecture.
  • Sand Relief – a hybrid between drawing and sculpture shorter than three feet that are molded or carved into the beach that may be representational, abstract, or nonrepresentational.
  • Sand Sculpture – a piece that is more than three feet tall sculpted in the round that may be representational, abstract, or nonrepresentational.

Air Category – entries can include kites, inflatables, or flying sculptural forms and kinetic, wind-powered objects that do not require usage of a generator or electronics thus being self-sufficient and sturdy. However human-powered projects that interact with the wind are acceptable.

Sand Jam Category – drawing events that take place in real time using any drawing medium with a subject matter at the festival. All color palettes are permitted as well. Judges will critique based on mark making, sense of mass, technical handling of media and movement. Select entries will be held in exhibition after the festival.

Take this opportunity to win prizes up to $2500. For all awards and prizes click here. SCAD buses will loop continuously from the residence halls to Tybee, more details will be provided later in April.

When the day comes don’t forget to print and sign the liability release and assumption of risk agreement for the contest.

In addition to your forms, bring: your SCAD ID, lunch, drinking water, sunscreen, shovel, bucket, carving tools and a sketchbook. See you at Tybee!

By Hunter Scully.


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