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Six local last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day


Alright last minute sons and daughters it’s Friday and there’s only two days left to hand select the most perfect, sentimental, authentic Savannah gift with love and intention for your incredible mom. If you’re one of those kids with a tendency to forget about very important major holidays, consider yourself blessed that you stumbled upon this incredibly helpful guide to sending her a rocking gift.

Savannah Bee Company

There’s no better place to remind your mom of the mascot you rep than a gift from the Savannah Bee Company. Thankfully, Savannah Bee Company has already done most of the leg work for you and compiled some of their favorite treats and lotions into gifts for your golden mom. Plus if you ever need a little something something for yourself, she’d be pleased to know that your indulgence in their locally sourced honeys actually helps with your allergies so she doesn’t have to keep mailing you zyrtec.

Pralines (Savannah Candy Kitchen)

Not to be dramatic, but the second I start thinking about a praline from the Savannah Candy Kitchen, I start salivating, and if you put me within arms length of their case, all bets are off. Your mother deserves to experience the same joy and satisfaction of fresh pralines that you do. This Golden Gift Assortment is well worth the investment.

Coffee Bags

Send the hipster right to your young, hip, cool mom’s front door by delivering this sample box of multiple different coffees from one of Savannah’s biggest suppliers. Offering coffee sourced from all over the world, Perc Coffee Roasters is sure to satisfy that travel bug she can’t feed until she’s paid off all your tuition…

Paris Market

I’ll admit, there are times where I’m strolling down Broughton and I can’t remember whether I’m studying in Lacoste or Savannah. Fool your mom too and send her this sheek, silver tin for her kitchen from the Paris Market. For some extra pizzazz, pack it with bite size almond shortbread cookies from the Savannah Byrd Cookie Company.

Tea Room at E. Shaver

Nestled in E. Shaver’s Bookstore, the Tea Room makes customers feel comfortable and cozy, providing teas that are sure to give your mom a sweet taste of home. Gift her with a collection of teas featuring historic Savannah buildings.


Moms love smelling sweet and feeling soft. Conveniently located on Broughton and carrying a variety of bathroom essentials, Nourish provides the perfect all natural, sweet smelling gift for your mom. Any stressed out mom would love a peppermint infused headache stick to help cope with our annoying tendencies. From lotions to bath fizzies to soaps, Nourish offers an array of affordable and quality products.

By Jordan Petteys


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