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Off campus chronicles: The hunt begins


Off campus chronicles is District staff writer Stephanie Avery’s exploration and navigation as a college student adjusting to life outside of dorms. After a year of living independently, this is her collection of helpful tips, tricks and advice on how to succeed at adulting. 

First things first— here are five different college-friendly searches to help you find the apartment you’re looking for:

1.)    SCAD Housing Facebook Page

Once you are accepted into SCAD, it’s easy to join the page. Just send a request confirming that you are a current student or incoming student. After approval, there’s listings and notifications about anyone who needs a roommate, temporary subleases or permanent subleases. Students can also make a post about what they’re looking for. Whether you are looking for a place to stay, a roommate, or someone to sublease this page can help.

2.)    College Student Apartments

Need to cast a wider net? Try doing it here. This site allows you to do the same things, except it’s not exclusively for SCAD students. College Student Apartments features numerous college towns to choose from. All you need to do is type in your college or town, and it will show you a map of apartments and how far away they are from different universities.

3.)    For Rent University

On For Rent University you can put the minds of both parents and student students are put at ease. Not only can you also find apartments within the proximity of SCAD, but you can also get advice and guides as you make the transition to living on your own. For Rent University even has a parent guide that talks about any concerns a parent might have about their child living off campus.

4.)    Campus Cribs

On top of having a very cool website, Campus Cribs is a down to earth site you can go on to explore student apartments in your area. At the bottom of their page, they have a link that says partners. Click on it and take a gander at all the people they’re linked to. Some featured businesses are Blue Apron, College Startup, Yoga Tailor, and a lot more. If anything, this site will be useful for finding essential apps that could help you on your off-campus adventures.

5.)    Uloop

So, Uloop is kind of like your one stop shop for all things college. On top of housing searches, they offer college student services like job opportunities, available study abroad programs, student loan information, textbooks and a lot more. Once you type in the name of your school, it will take you to a blog that is specific to your school, where to the left you can choose a tab that has any of the information I just mentioned.

10/10, would recommend. Thanks for reading and happy hunting.


By Stephanie Avery.



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