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Off campus chronicles: Work, play and everything else


Trying to juggle your school work, extra curriculars, your art, and a job (if you have one) can be overwhelming. It’s easy to forget to take care of yourself. By the end of some days, all you managed to accomplish was cocooning yourself under a blanket like Kim K.

Trust me we’ve all been there and we have survived. Here are my tips on prioritizing your time between school, work, and self.

  1. You need to be real with yourself

What you can realistically handle? Not everyone can be an all achieving super student who seems to live off sunshine, caffeine and good vibes. There is no shame in working at your own pace. Realizing what you can and can’t do and respecting that will benefit you in the long run. Quality over quantity. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Do you.

  1. Remember what you came for

If your friends are going out on Taco Tuesday to get super cheap tacos at your favorite Mexican restaurant but you still have a huge amount of homework to do: would be wise to do the latter? Outside of friends, you better believe I will drop a job that tries to come between me and my education. There is always another another Taco Tuesday and jobs come and go. Your professor gave one due date.

  1. Make a list

Sometimes it’s best to physically see what you need to do instead of just trying to organize it in your head. Getting it down on paper, on a computer or whatever works for you can really declutter the mind. When things fit on a sheet of paper, they feel less overwhelming (usually). Put tasks in order of time and effort required and don’t be afraid to cut off a few tasks (refer back to #1).

  1. Know when you’ve had enough

If you feel over worked or stretched too thin it is ok to take some me time. Often times, especially when we overbook ourselves, nothing we do nothing seems to make sense or those colors aren’t blending or work isn’t flowing enough. Don’t panic. Give your brain a break. Whether you spend 10 minutes practicing the 4-7-8 breathing routine, call a family member or friend or take a short walk to distract yourself from work. The work isn’t going anywhere and that 10 minute break is a life saver.

By Stephanie Avery