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Students adjust to Butterhead Greens closing

Sam Bramlett

After the sudden closing of Butterhead Greens a couple months ago, the denizens of Arnold Hall are trying to fill the hole in their culinary hearts. The sandwich joint was an old haunt for students who needed a quick bite before early morning classes.

Patrick Zimmerman and Seth Musler founded Butterhead Greens Café back in 2010. Butterhead had steady business and primarily served SCAD students. It was located directly across the street from Arnold Hall’s main entrance. The closure had nothing to do with a lack of business. Zimmerman chose to close down shop and focus on his new restaurant, The Black Rabbit.

“What do I think about it?” Dillon Bucket, barista at The Blue Door said. “We’ve heard that it was by the owner’s choice. There were some issues between them and the property owner, and the owner of Butterhead wanted to invest more time into his new bar.”

Zimmerman and Musler are the minds behind Betty Bomber’s All-American Eatery, located inside of the American Legion on Bull Street. However, Musler is now the sole owner of Betty Bomber’s. Zimmerman’s new project, The Black Rabbit, is a restaurant and bar in Savannah’s Victorian District on the corner of Barnard and Henry Street.

“We haven’t finalized it yet,” Zimmerman said about the menu, “but we want a Turkey and Havarti, perhaps Roast Beef. No more than 5 sandwiches and three sides.”

Students have mixed feelings about Butterhead’s conspicuous absence. While some express genuine sadness over the loss of a favorite coffee-break destination, others seem excited.

Ronice, a student at Arnold Hall, hoped that “a cheaper café” might replace Butterhead Greens. “I got a grilled cheese there one time, but it was just too expensive.”

While Butterhead has closed for good, SCAD has taken steps to provide students with the early-morning snack they need. The reading room that once occupied the main floor of Arnold Hall has been replaced by a small café complete with ready-made sandwiches. Unfortunately, it only takes dining dollars or SCAD Cash.

While the choices for early-morning meals have become more limited, the closing of Butterhead Greens has caused an increase in business for Foxy Loxy and The Blue Door.

“We have no qualms saying that it’s been great for us,” Bucket said, “We’ve been noticing an increase of students coming in here.”

A large “For Rent” sign has been slapped on the side of the building. It is still unclear what will occupy the space that Butterhead Greens has vacated.


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