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Byrd’s Cookies take flight by partnering with United

District Staff

A family business native to Savannah has expanded their ventures sky-high. Byrd’s Cookie Company joined forces with United Airlines to give travelers a taste of Southern sweetness.

United sought out Byrd’s to develop a unique cookie flavor for the morning flights. Known as “maple wafers,” the cookies are now available as a snack option on national flights leaving before 9:45 am. A news release on June 20, 2018 explains intentions behind the new variation.

“We created this cookie using only the finest ingredients, and we continue to bake in small batches so that we can consistently deliver high-quality confections,” Byrd Cookie Company CEO Stephanie Lindley said.

            Although maple syrup evokes familiar breakfast favorites, ideas behind creating the cookie went beyond the common fixtures of morning meals. Recently, maple syrup has been accepted as more than a pancake topper among cooks and restaurants. The airline took note of the uptake in maple appreciation, and wanted to embrace the trend in sync with the food industry. Byrd’s adaptation plays on their traditional recipe with the addition of maple accent. Maple is the main star of the show, rounded out by buttery notes, and offset with a touch of salt. While a new innovation for the company, the treat still retains all the hallmarks that make the cookie exclusive to Byrd’s.

According to their website, Byrd’s Famous Cookies have been a Savannah establishment since 1924. When Ben T. Byrd Sr. first started sharing his confections with the community, they became an instant success. From there it was his son who originated Byrd’s tin packaging, allowing the crispy cookies to hold up in transport. Throughout nearly 100 years of operation, the cookies have gained popularity around the country as the company collaborated with other big-name brands. Today, customers are able to purchase cookies at the Savannah and Charleston retail locations, in addition to the online shop. Byrd’s Cookie Company remains family oriented and continues to grow under the direction of Lindley. United is proud to support a woman-owned business while delighting their own clients with a quality sweet.

                  To commemorate the recent corporate bond, MileagePlus Exclusives held an auction for a Byrd’s centric vacation. The top bidder was able to take advantage of a trip to Savannah featuring an inside look into cookie making. 

                  However, there is still no need travel to Savannah or even book a United flight to experience the new maple wafer. One can visit the website to find them stocked by the pound along with numerous time-honored flavors.


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