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SCAD Museum opens new exhibitions

District Staff

On Oct. 4, visitors from across the city gathered at the SCAD Museum of Art’s reception for the opening of a new season of exhibitions.

From “Palimpsest—Hands Worn Smooth by Coins” by Danish artist FOS to “Inverso Mundus” by Moscow artist collective AES+F, the new exhibitions explore seemingly untouched facets of the human experience, including the metaphysical viewed as reality and immersion into a world with “upside-down” societal relationships.

Also available for viewing are group exhibitions “Jewelry of Ideas: The Susan Grant Lewin Collection,” which includes more than 150 works of contemporary jewelry. Also available for viewing is the exhibition “I See You” which “considers the human body as terrain that is constantly subject to different forces.” Guests at the reception enjoyed the opportunity to speak with Susan Grant Lewin about her collection, and also had the chance to view the specially commissioned performance “You Are Here and It’s Amazing” by Colectivo Arrogante Albino as part of “I See You.” The performance featured choreography that “expands to the realms of sculpture and costume design.”

“Shadows Stories and Matters of Time,” a group exhibition curated by Hank Willis Thomas with For Freedoms, features large-scale work by three different artists as a part of their new 50 state initiative. The pieces include “Walk With Me” and “Killing Time” by Kambui Olujimi, “Fire in the Head: A Chapel for Henrietta Lacks” and a shadow puppet installation by Christopher Myers, and “The Places Where the Answers Were: The Archive of Dust” by Sita Kuratomi Bhanmik. In attendance at the reception, Bhanmik shared about her own work and the collective storytelling, narrative nature of the exhibition.

The new season of exhibitions is free and open to the public for viewing until Dec. 2018, Jan. 2019, and Feb. 2019, respectively.


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