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Student Spotlight: Kori Carter and Devin Gaston


Kori Carter is a senior Fashion Marketing Major with hands in a little bit of everything. She is president of the National Residence Hall Honorary, vice president of the Black Student Association, clothes designer and full-time student. Additionally, she is active in developing her brand. “I want to talk about beauty. I want to talk about makeup. I want to talk about fashion. I want to vlog and have a lifestyle segment. I want to do it all,” Kori said.  “As far as my platform and my brand, I had to find something I wanted to stick with. I had to figure out who I was first,”

Her fashion line, Crochet by K, offers handmade tops, bottoms, sets and baby pieces Kori made herself.  Through her various social media platforms, she was discovered by the House of Strut. “Someone saw me from the House of Strut and saw my work on Instagram. She reached out to me on Facebook and said, ‘Hey your work is awesome. Have you ever thought about selling it in the store?’” Kori said. “We set up a meeting, so I brought in a bunch of stuff, and she just looked at it and basically took everything that I had.”

After her clothes went on display, a fashion professor at SCAD reached out to her. She wanted Kori to speak on a fashion panel at Sulfur Studios. Also on the panel was the owner of Civvies who also asked if they could put some of her clothes in their stores. “Since my work was on the wall, I was on the panel. I actually wore one of my own pieces. So, they were just talking to me and said they would love to have my stuff in their store.” Kori recounted.

Kori recently put on a fashion show exhibition with her boyfriend Devin Gaston, a film major.  Devin also makes music videos and D.J.s on the side. He was the D.J. at the event. The name of the show was Worlds Collide. There was a pop-up shop where you could buy Crochet by K and jewelry by Christine Holland. They also had performances by underground artists from Atlanta. “As soon as the show was over, the question was ‘when is the next one?’” Kori mentioned.

Though this is their first collaborative event, they work together “on smaller projects often such as YouTube videos for Kori’s channel. They also showcase their work at Aesthetic, a hybrid art show by Dylan Graves, every spring. 

They hope to put on another showcase this spring. “People want more, and it would be better for us to give ourselves time to plan something on a larger scale,” Kori said. If they do decide to put on another show they also could be looking into a sponsor. “We have proof that we’ve done this event, and that we’ve had this turnout. So, we can prove that we can bring out a lot of people,” Devin said.