Right as winter quarter commences, sophomore Robin Maaya has already been working on her next exhibition – “Girls Ward: Left.” Maaya’s upcoming body of work features photos meant to represent the time she spent in a Florida institution in early 2016. She has turned what could be thought of as a negative into something to grow from.

Maaya talks fondly about her time in the institution as it was more of a learning experience for her rather than a setback.

The photos in “Girls Ward: Left” are black and white portraits set in an ideal white environment, leaving the mind to only focus on the symbolic subjects as past hardships.

A poem from her first night at the institution describes how she felt moving into the new season:

“The Gaps between, help us cope/when we feel we have no more hope.

The love between brings us peace/and kills all our scary beasts.

The separation of the skin/while bringing forth all our sins.

This is over and done for now/I’m ready to leave and take a bow.”

Maaya’s exhibition is on Friday, Jan. 11 at 7 p.m. above Fab’rik on Broughton. The exhibition is one night only and limited produced books will be sold. Visitors will also have the opportunity to meet Maya.

Video by Tyler Rispoli.