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Breakfast at Sophie’s: chia pudding

Sophie Leopold

If overnight oats have successfully made their way into your morning rotation, it’s time to get familiar with chia pudding. The little black seeds are not only good for bulking up oats; with a few supporting ingredients, they can be the star of breakfast. Chia seed pudding preparation is similar in design to overnight oats, since they work their magic hands off in the refrigerator. Simply mix and forget, thinking of it as an interchangeable formula rather than a strict recipe.

Chia pudding can be prepared and enjoyed in the same mason jar or other small lidded containers. I prefer a ratio of three tablespoons of seeds to one cup of almond or coconut milk. Regular milk works just as well. After making it once as written, it may be worth experimenting with more or less liquid to find what consistency suits you best. A drop of vanilla extract, a sprinkle of cinnamon, or a tablespoon of cocoa powder are some of my favorite ways to add flavor. If you need a sweetness boost, try adding a teaspoon of honey or maple syrup. Stirring the seeds into the milk with a fork helps prevent the pudding from clumping. To further ensure an even distribution of ingredients, let it rest at room temperature for a few minutes, give it another good stir, then leave it to refrigerate overnight.

In the morning, have fun with whatever toppings strike your fancy. Making chia pudding into a satisfying meal is all about the embellishments. Any of the additions you like on overnight oats are applicable here. Extra seeds or nuts, Greek yogurt, a drizzle of nut or seed butter, all kinds of fresh or dried fruit, coconut flakes, or granola, to name some possibilities.

Chia pudding also makes a smart snack choice for those prone to hunger between meals. Try a smaller portion to power through projects without a rumbling stomach.

For detailed instructions click here.

For vanilla and chocolate click here.

Still in need of inspiration? Pinterest is my go to way to discover tasty combinations.


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