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The Jepson Center presents third annual College Night


by Stephanie Avery

Jepson Center for the Arts opened their doors Saturday, March 30 for the third annual after-hours College Night. Anyone with a valid college ID entered for free, a great price on a college budget.

The museum offered many activities for students to explore new and existing exhibits. The exhibits nurtured the artistic community amongst college students.

The museum offered guided art tours throughout the event. Tours included exhibits such as the Rembrandt where students made memes out of the art. In another, students recreated a photo taken outside of the First African Baptist Church. In an exhibit titled “Keita Takashi: Zoom Out,” students faced-off in a video game created by the Japanese designer, Takashi. Takashi is known for thinking outside the box when it comes to game development.

College Night also featured an artist talk with Derek Larson, an animation professor at Georgia Southern University. The discussion featured his three-part animation series called “Très Mall”. The story is about three Savannahian artists, one of which, Jon, lives in the strip mall he inherited. Larson pulls from both classical and modern art references when creating his animations. This series, in particular, was a combination of “Regular Show”, “Mike Tyson Mysteries” and intensely contemplative philosophy. “It’s a lot and lot of steps [to create the animation] that is usually done by a team but if you are a control freak like me and you have the time that’s the way to do it,” said Larson after describing his creative process.

Later in the night, the Jepson Center invited students to the Drop-In Studio where they could make art. Other activities included a food truck selling grilled cheese and music provided by 97.3 KISS FM. The museum also gave special discounts on its student membership package for one year.

To learn more about the Jepson Center and College Night visit their website.


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