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Annual BANFF Centre Mountain Film Fest returns to Savannah


by Gracie Williams, image courtesy of BANFF Centre

The night of Thursday, April 25, a full house gave a warm southern welcome to the annual BANFF Centre Mountain Film Festival. This is the seventh time the film festival has stopped in Savannah as a part of the U.S. leg of its world tour. The event took place downtown at the Lucas Theater for the Arts and was hosted by the outdoor gear store, Half-Moon Outfitters.

Banff, a town in Alberta, Canada holds its country’s first national park and is the birthplace of the film festival. The purpose of the festival is to show some of the most inspiring environmental and adventure stories of the year, and they do not disappoint. After the week of screenings at Banff, which takes place in late October every year, the show heads on the road. Now it’s back in America and is making more than 550 stops in 40 states.

There are 36 films being rotated, but only nine are shown at each stop of the tour. The films run from two minutes at the shortest to 44 minutes at the most. No matter how long or short, they tell incredible stories that are sure to inspire. At the Savannah show, the films ranged widely. One film told the story of 97-year old George Etzweiler who has run every day of his life for as long as he can remember but does it now to honor the memory of his late wife. Another film shows a mother-daughter duo who decide to take on a six-month ski trip traversing the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Regardless of your interests, there is truly something for everyone.

The BANFF Film Festival is a must see for all, so make sure to plan for next year’s stop in Savannah. Or if you’re brave, head to the actual film festival in Banff, Alberta. Either way, the support is appreciated. “This festival wouldn’t be possible without you,” said host Paul Price.

To learn more about the BANFF Centre Mountain Film Festival, visit the official website.