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6 ways to dine off the beaten path in Savannah


By Kendall Shepard

Savannah is a food-lover’s city, and coming into SCAD as a freshman can be overwhelming with all the options available downtown. Everyone can remember their first time chomping into avocado toast from Collins Quarters or slurping noodles from Flying Monk. After the food fantasies fade, finding places in Savannah that don’t have long wait times or crowds of tourists can test anyone’s patience. 

Here is a list of the best places to hit as a freshman, or anytime, that are all within a reasonable distance from a bus stop.

Roly Poly

Located downtown, Roly Poly offers a twist to the classic sandwich. You can pick anything you want and have it rolled up into a wrap. Roly Poly also offers a quiet, sit down atmosphere, which is refreshing in the touristy downtown. You can walk there from the Hive and Oglethorpe House, or catch a bus to O-House and head down Barnard. If you don’t feel like getting out, Roly Poly also offers delivery by bike to the Historic District.

Sly’s Sliders and Fries

Combine sliders and fries and you get Sly’s. Located behind Arnold on Abercorn St., Sly’s offers a twist on the classic burger slider, with options of pulled pork, chicken or falafel. For those who love hot dogs, Sly’s also features mini hot dogs with a variety of toppings. Their famous shoestring fries can be ordered on their own, or loaded up to make them into a meal.

The interior of Sly’s was recently expanded and offers classic arcade games to play as you wait for your meal. So, catch the Red Route and step off at any of the Foundations buildings, walk a couple blocks, and visit Sly’s.

Henny Penny Art Space and Café

The sister café to Foxy Loxy located just down the street, Henny Penny offers similar coffee and pastries, and even mini versions to cater to kids. But unique to Henny Penny are their vegan doughnuts. Every morning, the donuts are made on site, and come in chocolate, strawberry, fruit-filled and new seasonal flavors.

Henny Penny also offers a Sunday brunch with a new crepe station, where sweet and savory crepes are offered from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Henny Penny is located down Bull St., near Arnold Hall, and is the perfect location for a snack break in-between classes.

Mailbox Café

Across Barnard St. from Eckburg is the Mailbox Café. Popular among the students of Eckburg to make copies and grab a coffee, it’s otherwise not a well-known stop, but it has a lot more to offer. In addition to making copies, students can get a P.O. Box, make keys, purchase packing supplies and more. The café part of Mailbox Café offers coffee, smoothies, and fresh pastries. Take a Yellow Route or Red Route to Eckburg and you’ll see Mailbox right across the street.

Starland Café

Around the corner from the popular Starlandia Art Supply is Starland Café. Open four hours a day, the café features a small menu of sandwiches, soups and salads. Their basic drink menu includes bottles of Topo Chico, hot cups of Grey Earl tea and coffee. The best way to visit Starland Café is to catch a Red Route to Arnold and head up Bull St. to 41st St.

American Legion Post 135

Many people are familiar with Betty Bomber’s, a war-time themed diner located south of Forsyth Park, but lesser known is the American Legion’s bar right next door. The American Legion bar boasts the cheapest beer in Savannah, serving up a wide variety including locally brewed Service Brewing Company. Hop on a Purple Route to Ruskin Hall, or a Red Route to Arnold, and head to The American Legion Post. Be careful; even though the bar stops serving at 1 A.M., buses stop running at midnight.


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