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Breakfast at Sophie’s: how to revamp a morning classic

Sophie Leopold

by Sophie Leopold

Eggs have earned their status as a classic breakfast staple. There’s a lot to love about humble eggs as a whole, a nutrient dense food that offers a substantial serving of protein to power up for a productive day. Even though most of that protein is found in the egg whites, the yolks offer beneficial fats, vitamins and minerals. The era of low fat diets created major hype for egg whites, but there’s no need for young adults to fear an Instagrammable #yolkporn moment. Check out this article on Nutrition Stripped for more information on how to include eggs in a healthy diet.

Cooks of any levels probably know how to fry, scramble or hard boil eggs. But what happens when a routine switch feels necessary, or stovetop access is out of the equation? Here are some ways to add ease and variety to egg preparation. Go ahead and embrace this generation’s desire to put an egg on everything.

Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Yes, scrambled eggs are possible in the microwave. Hop over to Epicurious for detailed instructions, then continue through their recipe to adapt microwave scrambled eggs into a breakfast sandwich.

Microwave Poached Eggs

More of a poached person? The chefs at Bon Appetit’s test kitchen actually prefer the microwave method. “For perfectly poached eggs, the microwave is your friend,” said Mary Frances Heck. “The technique yields perfect silky, firm whites and runny, warm yolks every time.”

Pesto Eggs

For those tired of plain salt and peppered scrambled eggs, look to pesto for flavor enhancement. A spoonful of pesto does well when stirred into softly scrambled, slightly undercooked eggs. For extra points, pick up eggs and pesto from local vendors at the Forsyth Farmer’s Market.

Mini Frittatas

Hard boiled isn’t the only way to have an egg breakfast that’s ready to grab and go. Try the frittata, an unfussy, crust-less quiche. Egg dishes like this are simple to make, and ideal for squeezing in extra veggies. While regular sized frittatas are great for brunch with friends, the mini versions are a weekday morning rock star. Muffin cup frittatas are pre-portioned and boost a shorter baking time, which helps streamline meal prep. Try this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen.


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