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Breakfast at Sophie’s: a new way to brunch


by Sophie Leopold

Weekend brunch is a must at Savannah’s buzzy restaurants. But when the wait for a table at popular spots are upwards of two hours, what’s a busy student to do? Have a brunch picnic in the park, of course, it’s an easy way to save a bit of time and money. The Forsyth Farmer’s Market runs at the south end of Forsyth Park every Saturday, during peak brunch hours of 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. With so many pastry vendors there this season, the market seems more breakfast friendly than ever.  

Gather a group of friends, blankets and about 10 dollars in cash. Only carrying a card these days? No worries, use it to purchase tokens at the information booth. Upon arrival, take a lap around the market to browse before making any purchases. After reviewing the selection, go back and buy the greatest temptations.  

Strawberry season is in full swing, so be sure to select some of those ripe beauties. Check out this past article for some delicious recipe ideas. Some of the first summer peaches have made their debut, and blueberries may not be far behind. Top off fruit with granola from the Blissful Whisk or pair with nuts from Alake’s Georgia Pecans.

Baked goods are available in abundance, with more than a dozen purveyors populating the market. For enormous Bavarian style pretzels made from consciously sourced ingredients, seek out Analog Public House’s stand. Also, be sure to snatch a package of their chocolate chip cookies for a sweet snacking during the week. Coffee lovers can get their daily fix from a bottle of Perc’s cold brew, ideal for caffeinating in the escalating temps.

Gottlieb’s Bakery offers a variety of items from challah bread and bagels to croissants and fruit tarts. Downtown eateries such as The Grey Market and The Diplomat Luncheonette both make appearances at the market with homemade breads, breakfast pastries, and desserts.

For those drawn to savory flavors, look for a baguette or focaccia from Sprout Mama. Then, use that fresh hunk of bread as a vehicle for Bootleg Farm’s artisan goat cheese.

Once everyone chooses their spoils, find a place to sprawl out on the grass. Be sure to watch out for wet spots if there was rain the night before. Soak up the unique beauty of Forsyth Park with the tastes exclusive to Savannah. [Sunblock and bug spray have been known to improve the experience.]


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