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Spilling the tea on common complaints


Written by Emily Sanders, Illustration by Aleyna Moeller

For all of the reasons we love SCAD, there are also some complaints we have all laughed about at one point. So, let’s take a trip down memory lane together. Here are a few situations you may have found yourself in while at SCAD.

1. Red Bus Gothic

Imagine it now. You’re standing outside of a building waiting for the Red bus, and hundreds of students have passed by, but you’re not sure where they’re going. You’ve seen 17 Lime buses in the last five minutes, but who even uses the Lime bus? You check your phone for the time, but when you look up, a Red bus pulls away from the curb. Somehow it showed up already full. At this point, SCAD’s handy dandy bus app would be helpful, but it says every bus is out of service and has never worked a day properly in its life, anyway. Twenty more minutes pass by, and other students are saying they’ve been there for hours waiting. One student says it’s been a year. You finally hear a bus coming around the corner, and your heart swells with excitement. You weave your way through the two million people to see the sign, only to freeze in your tracks. It says, “Pink Bus.”

2. Sleep Wars

In every class, there’s always that one person who brags about their lack of sleep. It’s a SCAD student trademark and one that we are way too proud to share. It’s even rumored that the ghosts of Savannah think that SCAD students are no longer among the living because of how dead tired we all look; no wonder half of the housing sites are haunted. We live on multiple cups of coffee a day and less than ten hours of sleep, all to gear up for these crazy two and a half hour classes. Picture it now, being slumped in your chair in class as the person in front of you announces that they only got five hours of sleep. From across the room, someone yells that they only got three. What does it matter? But for the record, you only got two. Just saying.

3. To eat or not to eat. That is the question.

By now, everyone has heard the horror stories about the Hive’s food, and SCAD food in general. From raw chicken to greasy pizza, we’ve seen it all. Thankfully, Savannah is full of great food options, as long as you have a few dollars to spare for Foxy Coffee and Chick-fil-A. You don’t? Oh, that’s right. You’re in luck this time, though, because options such as Artisan Deli, Amigos, beeFUEL, Byte Cafe and Carnival are available. There’s also the order up system and a set of convenience stores at your disposal. Students have found their niches for eating here, whether it be using their meal plan and dining dollars, or spending their last penny at Stoners Pizza. But hey, Ex Libris sells cups of Ramen, so what else do you really need?

4. Good Ol’ Ex Libris

The beginning of a new quarter brings so much excitement. Another ten weeks of new classes, new faces and a seven-page list of supplies you’ve never heard of. Yay, art! Maybe you’re thinking, “No, I am an ARTIST, and I do not have this problem. I know the bookstore like the back of my hand!” To which I would say, yeah right. The point is, most people don’t know the blade differences for design class or the pastels and special tools for drawing. You can spend hours in there searching for one item. You go up and down the stairs until your legs go numb only to find out Ex Libris sold out of what you need. But fear not. They have it at Blick! That is if the rest of your class didn’t get to it first. In the end, you leave with some pencils, paper and maybe a coffee from the cafe if you really feel like treating yourself. The total? Around two hundred dollars. Just your average SCAD supplies budget. Rest in peace, student bank accounts.